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Our lab is in the Neurosurgery Department in the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). We collaborate closely with neurosurgeons and neurologists at UAB, making use of the rich patient resources UAB offers to study language in the brain.

Research Assistant

The Nelson Neurophysiology Lab is seeking to fill a Researcher Assistant (Researcher II) position. The position involves conducting neurophysiology recording experiments in patient volunteers at the UAB hospital, curating the resulting database on a computer, conducting behavioral linguistic experiments in healthy volunteers, and performing preliminary analyses of the data gathered from these experiments. This position is ideal for someone seeking to get post-baccalaureate experience in research for 1-2 years before entering graduate or medical school, though the position could be held for longer if desired. The right candidate will have the opportunity to lead specific projects of their interest in between completing the essential duties of the position.

Good interpersonal skills, social skills and the ability to manage rapport with patient and healthy research participants is essential. Other requirements are careful attention to detail when recording and managing data, as well as organization skills and basic computer competence. Any computer programming skills or experience is a definite plus, but candidates without this experience are still encouraged to apply. For those without this experience a willingness to learn and perform programming with supervision from the principal investigator is preferred. Salary will be commensurate with experience, expected in the range from $15 to $18/hr for 32 to 40 hours of work per week.

Interested applicants to open positions can send a CV or resumé and a brief statement of interest to:

Graduate student researchers

Graduate students interested in rotating or performing long-term research in the Nelson Neurophysiology Lab are encouraged to contact the lab via e-mail.

Undergraduate student research opportunities

Undergraduates interested in neurophysiology or the neuroscience of language research are encouraged to contact the lab via e-mail.

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