Job openings

Interested applicants to open positions can send a CV and a brief statement of interest, as well as contact information for 2-3 references to:

Our lab is in the Neurosurgery Department in the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). We collaborate closely with neurosurgeons and neurologists at UAB, making use of the rich patient resources UAB offers to study language in the brain.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

The Nelson Neurophysiology Lab at UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham) is seeking a postdoctoral research fellow with an interest in human intracranial neurophysiology and/or language processing in the brain. Research in the lab focuses on uncovering the neural basis of linguistic syntactic structure-building and semantic representation, studying processes including but not limited to sentence comprehension and word comprehension. The successful candidate will conduct research involving stimulating and recording intracranially from human neurosurgical patients performing language tasks. The patient populations studied primarily focus on adult and pediatric epilepsy patients. See an example of the framework for this ongoing research here:

The position requires a PhD in a field relevant to quantitative cognitive neuroscience and neurolinguistics research, including neuroscience, psychology, engineering or linguistics with an interest in neuroscience. Good programming ability (Matlab, R or Python) is required, and a strong quantitative background is preferred. Research experience with neurophysiology in animals or humans, TMS, MEG, EEG, eyetracking or other behavioral studies is highly desirable. Experience or interest with computational neuroscience and/or linguistics is also desirable.

Graduate student researchers

Graduate students interested in rotating or performing long-term research in the Nelson Neurophysiology Lab are encouraged to contact the lab via e-mail.

Undergraduate student research opportunities

Undergraduates interested in neurophysiology or the neuroscience of language research are encouraged to contact the lab via e-mail.

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